As of the beginning of 2015, we now have financing options! We are currently working with Admirals Bank to provide home improvement loans to our customers.*

Admirals Bank specializes in providing residential home improvement loans, and currently serves customers in all 50 states. They advertise loans for home improvement projects from as little as $2,000, all the way up to and including $40,000, with no equity or appraisal required!

For more information about financing your home improvement project through Admirals Bank, or to apply directly with them online, please check out their website: or contact Rick Stanley at

*Tri-Lakes Exterior Home Improvement LLC is not in any way affiliated with, maintained by, related to, or connected with Admirals Bank or any of its business units. All information provided on this site regarding financing through Admirals Bank is provided (1) to make our customers aware that such financing options exist and (2) for our customers’ informational purposes only.