John Henning

Posted by on Feb 20, 2015 in

December 19, 2013 – A local realtor from the largest realty company in the area.recommended Tri Lakes Exteriors and its owner Mike Keys. Mike and his team did a great job. Their attention to detail was amazing and all of the work was performed on budget and finished before the deadline. From the consultation, I very much got the sense that Mike was interested in doing the right thing and not misleading us or selling us something we didn’t need. I talked to a couple other companies and got the feeling they were a little smarmy and that as the process progressed I would be hit with a couple of unexpected surprises.
Tri Lakes estimate was in-line with the other estimates. But upon completion, it was obvious they went above and beyond in putting on our siding. In a couple of places they replaced the under material to ensure there was no wood rot. And they handcrafted a couple of areas to guarantee a tight fit.
It’s important to know that Mike and his team live in the area. If something goes wrong, he knows its his reputation at stake and these are his neighbors that will be upset. So in our case, he did everything possible to deliver an outstanding product. I really believe that working with a local company is great for the community but also guarantees that the company is more likely to care and do a good job. I know in that was the situation with Mike and Tri Lakes Exteriors. I would recommend them in a heartbeat.